– A unique skill set.
With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, and Sustainable Design, and as 3D artists and documentary filmmakers, we combine a unique skill set that can help communicate your research. We have over twelve years of experience in professional film production, animation and visual communication.


Aske Westh

Art Director, Co-founder and Motion Designer

Our creative wizard, Aske Westh, has worked as a motion designer in an advertising agency for years before co-founding Madeclear. He is never seen without a sketch pad, which is lucky for us because he illuminates our videos with colour, effects and animation. Aske holds a bachelor’s degree in Interactive Design from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and won a scholarship to the School of Visual Art in New York for his style and drawing talents. With a pen in hand, Aske makes stories come to life. 

Check out his earlier creative work at his personal site awesth.dk

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