– A unique skill set.
With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, Sustainable Design, 3D artists, and documentary filmmakers, we, together, have a unique skill that can bring light to your research. We have over ten years of experience in professional film production, animation, and visual communication.

The Lancet Countdown

How climate change impacts global health



Madeclear is once again proud to have made the video for The Lancet Countdown. This time introducing the 2018 report, highlighting concerning trends in health.
The Lancet Countdown is an international research collaboration dedicated to tracking the world’s response to climate change and the health benefits that emerge from this transition. We have made their videos in 2016, 2017 and 2018. You can read more about them at lancetcountdown.org

Target group:

Health researchers, policymakers and other professionals from across the world


The films have reached millions of people, as they have been linked by CNN and showed to global research conferences


Storyboard: Aske Westh and Silas Addington
Animation: Aske Westh and Pernille Hjorth (’18)
Sound design: Steffen Addington
Speak: Ben Scott