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With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, Sustainable Design, 3D artists, and documentary filmmakers, we, together, have a unique skill that can bring light to your research. We have over ten years of experience in professional film production, animation, and visual communication.

Nationalt Center for Lokale Fødevarer

An organization with a focus on developing local culinary experiences and products.



What do sustainability and local food have in common?
According to NCLF, Local food and sustainability are inseparable. We, therefore, have to increase the attention on local food in the future to improve health, reduce the environmental impact from food production and lastly increase the economic value of local fresh produce.This video is produced for NCLF to showcase its strong hands-on approach in projects. The aim is to create interest for new potential investors for NCLF and attract participants for future food camps.

Target group:

Investors and camp participants.


Idea, instruction, photography, and edit: Anders Devantier
Animation: Aske Westh