– A unique skill set.
With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, Sustainable Design, 3D artists, and documentary filmmakers, we, together, have a unique skill that can bring light to your research. We have over ten years of experience in professional film production, animation, and visual communication.

Clear videos about health and sustainability

We combine academic and creative skills to communicate complex topics.

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Avoid the drawer

We experience that even the most relevant scientific projects about health and sustainability risk ending up in a drawer without adequate communication. That is why we make videos. It is all about communicating messages, implementing projects, and recruiting informants.

Our history

Madeclear has delivered a really nice product in the form of 8 videos. They have managed to become thoroughly acquainted with a field they did not know, and they have disseminated messages in the finest form. They have kindly and patiently responded to changes and listened to corrections along the way. The best recommendations from the Region of Southern Denmark.

Madeclear is effective and particularly good at combining their cinematic and academic competencies to communicate research and knowledge. Their skills and experience make them quick to capture and translate knowledge in an easy way, while being good sparring partners who come up with good input and suggestions.

Both the important deep meaning and the slightly more superficial feel-good mood, you have caught up to A +. Nice and extremely professional work. We need more movies, and because of what you’ve already delivered, we know who to use. Thanks from NCLF to all of you.

See the video here.

Our impact

Get your project off the ground

Dissemination is crucial when research and academic projects are to create value for society. We therefore help to explain the essence of animations and present the topic with personal stories.

Education that sticks

Videos elevate the quality of online teaching. Animations give shape to complex concepts, and footage transports the audience to places and situations they may not otherwise experience. Information we obtain from videos tends to stick better because more senses are stimulated.

Recruit informants

It is just as important to recruit informants for research projects, as it is difficult. That is why we make recruitment videos, so it becomes easier to decide whether or not to participate in a research project. By making the project more transparent and credible, we help increase the participation rate.


How we work



With research experience in the field of health and sustainability, we closely study the content we are communicating.


With video

With ten years in professional filmmaking, we narrate, shoot, and create engaging animation and live-action videos.


To the audience

Whether the audience is politicians, professionals, or the general public, we adjust our videos to have the largest possible impact.

Our team

Silas Addington

- Filmmaker, Co-founder and MSc in Public Health

Anders Devantier

- Filmmaker, Co-founder and Sustainable Designer

Aske Westh

- Art Director, Co-founder and Motion Designer

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