– A unique skill set.
With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, and Sustainable Design, and as 3D artists and documentary filmmakers, we combine a unique skill set that can help communicate your research. We have over twelve years of experience in professional film production, animation and visual communication.


Small mussel, great potential

Ivandet is conducting a mussel-farming experiment on Bornholm that has the potential to create jobs and clean up the seas. The involvement of the local population is crucial for the project’s implementation and operation, so Ivandet asked us for help to communicate it to the people of Bornholm. In the video, we follow Miller Birk, one of the driving forces behind the project, and let her take the audience through Ivandet’s mission and efforts in Tejn Harbor.  The video was then published on various online channels visited by Bornholmers as well as presented physically at events.

“Collaborating with Madeclear has been a true pleasure. As an experienced mediator, it is still great to get sparring about how I communicate my project. The input I got from Anders and Silas was truly balanced. They created a safe space in which I could practice the narrative over and over again, developing the story a tiny bit at a time. The space provided time to think and practice with great focus and precise feedback from Madeclear. At the recordings, the same thing was true which resulted in a really good day on the set. The biggest recommendation from me!”

— Marie Helene “Miller” Birk, Co-founder and project leader at Ivandet

Shared by the municipality and other platforms frequented by Bornholmers.

  • Direction, camera, edit: Anders Devantier
  • Sound: Anders Devantier
  • Design: Jakub Svehla & Anders Devantier