– A unique skill set.
With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, and Sustainable Design, and as 3D artists and documentary filmmakers, we combine a unique skill set that can help communicate your research. We have over twelve years of experience in professional film production, animation and visual communication.

Det Natur- og Biovidenskabelige Fakultet, Københavns Universitet

Putting Climate Change on the School Timetable

With this project, we introduce primary school students across Denmark to a course on climate change. To capture their attention, we have chosen to make an animated video with storytelling and explanatory graphics. The video provides an overview of why climate change is a challenge and how we can solve it. The course is organized by Circus Naturally under the SCIENCE School Service at the University of Copenhagen and funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Target group:

Danish students 7th-9th grade.


The video has been very well received in primary schools by both students and teachers. In addition, it is on the video portal of the University of Copenhagen. www.klimaforandringer.science.ku.dk

“In 2020/21, we collaborated with Madeclear on an animated intro film for teaching material on climate change. It is to date the best of the three great films we have made together. It is spot on, both with regard to content and mood. The best recommendations from us.” – Torben Roug, Head of SCIENCE School Service and Cirkus Naturligvis, University of Copenhagen.

  • Script & voice-over: Jesper Bang Vinther
  • Storyboard, design & animation: Aske Westh
  • Sound: Steffen Addington