– A unique skill set.
With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, and Sustainable Design, and as 3D artists and documentary filmmakers, we combine a unique skill set that can help communicate your research. We have over twelve years of experience in professional film production, animation and visual communication.


Bolstering Credibility of the Official Dietary Guidelines

The official dietary guidelines have a big impact on what we, Danes, eat. Yet many people question their credibility. The Danish Food Authority therefore asked us to help them explain the reasoning behind the guidelines to the general public.

The resulting video shows the viewer why the guidelines look the way they do and how they are tailored specifically to Danes. We explain complicated concepts with animations with a slight touch of humor in order to keep the audience engaged.

  • Concept: Silas Addington and Aske Westh
  • Research, script and voice-over: Silas Addington/li>
  • Art direction, design and animation: Aske Westh/li>
  • Sound design: Steffen Addington/li>