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How do we make the dietary recommendations?



The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration often receives inquiries from frustrated citizens who believe that the official dietary recommendations are wrong.
To alleviate the frustration and create more credibility around the dietary recommendations, we have made this video. The key message is that The official dietary recommendations are based on a comprehensive base of evidence, so there is a good reason to trust them.

Target group:

Danes who are interested in dietary recommendations.


The video will be accessible on The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s website. It will be included in educational material for primary schools. It will help create more credibility around the dietary recommendations on social media.


Idea: Silas Addington and Aske Westh
Research, script and voice over: Silas Addington
Art direction, design and animation: Aske Westh
Sound design: Steffen Addington