– A unique skill set.
With our backgrounds as researchers in Public Health Sciences, Anthropology, Sustainable Design, 3D artists, and documentary filmmakers, we, together, have a unique skill that can bring light to your research. We have over ten years of experience in professional film production, animation, and visual communication.

Steno Diabetes Center

What is diabetes?



The number of people with diabetes has more than tripled since 1996. But what exactly happens to your body with diabetes and how do you live a good and long life with this chronic disease?
Steno Diabetes Center needed help to convey these messages. The videos are based on scientific articles which are disseminated through short video stories. We are producing a series of 10 videos about diabetes, here you can watch two of them. Read more about it at www.videncenterfordiabetes.dk.

Target group:

Danes who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes.


The videos should improve the understanding of diabetes and thereby promote the health of those with diabetes. 


Research and script: Silas Addington
Storyboard: Aske Westh & Silas Addington
Illustration and animation: Aske Westh
Sound design: Steffen Addington
Speaker: Andrea Vagn Jørgensen